The End Is Near

Throughout this term I have become a better writer with the help of this class and the blogs and essays I have had to write. Although I still struggle with some things like the use of commas and making my sentences too long. But I will got those down with time. Overall, I feel like this course has helped me improve. The essays helped me improve the most. Having it a requirement to go to the ARC for each essay has probably helped me the most. It also gave me more confidence in my work to have someone go over it. My favorite essay I did was the Literacy Autobiography, I wrote about my high school English teacher. Mrs. Krause is someone who I want to be like one day when I am a teacher. She is a teacher I truly miss. The essay I struggled most with was definitely the Research Essay. I had a hard time finding enough information to make the word limit. I also had a hard time getting into the topic, I felt like I had few to chose from. Besides that I didn’t struggle too much with the writing. I really enjoyed this class overall, besides the fact I had to wake up early. I am going to miss writing on this blog. I greatly enjoyed keeping one even though I had to write about certain things.



In my life right now, writing doesn’t play a very large role. Besides this blog and writing whatever homework I need to, I rarely write stuff down. I don’t keep a journal to write down my experiences or feelings. It’s just never been a big deal to me. As far as Facebook goes, I hardly use it. I find it full of adult drama and stuff I really don’t care about. Twitter and Instagram are my most frequently used social media sites. And even then it doesn’t show as a timeline or journal. But that is just in the now. When I am older I can see myself writing in a journal like my grandma does. She has always encouraged me to keep one, but I can’t ever seem to keep up with it. You could compare it to working out, at first you do really good and are persistent but then after a week or two you miss a few days. Then before you know it you haven’t gone to the gym in months. Maybe when I’m older, and hopefully just as hip, I’ll be able to keep a journal for me to look back on. Because I do think it would be cool to read back on my struggles and achievements, to see what made me upset and what made me full of joy. But besides keeping a journal I don’t see myself writing in any other way. I don’t find it useful or as something that should be a necessity. For people who it does seem like a necessity, I think that’s really cool. But for me, I’m simply not big on writing and that’s why I think it won’t be a very big deal for me as I grow.

Finger Pointing and Tebowing


Reading your article about the expression of faith in sports really has opened my eyes to things I never chose to think of before. Seeing players do gestures of faith on the field or on the court always made me think that it helped everyone to, in the back of their mind at least, think of God. But bringing up the point about how to some people that can lead to hate towards God, I had never thought of that. But I do think you are somewhat wrong when you say people don’t really see those gestures and wonder what they mean or are curious about God. Now, maybe it’s just me that feels this way. But if someone were to do something foreign like that around me enough I would become curious and maybe want to know more about. Does that mean that the majority of people are like this? Maybe not, I have no way of knowing. And I also don’t think they should stop doing it. But there is another point which I agree with you. When players only do it to celebrate their victories, what does that mean about when they fail. I feel like suddenly when they fail, people see God more. Maybe with the mindset of “where is your God now?”. Which to me seems like an unfair accusation that may die down if people were to see them still show their faith through their failures. With all that being said, I thought your article was well written. Showing your stance on a topic like this can show a lot about someone and has brought me to the conclusion that maybe I should try and view things from more then way to understand what more people may feel.

Shaylee Hutchison

Same Sex Marriage

My whole life I’ve grown up in a Christian home. Naturally, I’ve heard just about everything Christians can say about two same sex people wanting to be together. Most people are hear from have their opinions set in stone. But not me. I’m not sure what to think. I have so many contradicting opinions in my mind that I don’t know which one to go with.

Part of me thinks that it is totally wrong. Man and woman is how this world started and that is how it should be. But then, if two people love each other, who am I to tell two people in love that it’s wrong. And besides, it isn’t hurting or effecting me any. Even in the Bible, God tells us to love one another. God doesn’t want us to all be cookie-cutters. If someone is gay or lesbian that doesn’t make them wrong. It might just make them different from you think to be the norm. That still doesn’t mean you shouldn’t love them. They are people just like us.

Overall, I still don’t know what I believe. I guess if it came down to me deciding right now I would say it is wrong. Would I ever do it? No. Because for me, personally, I don’t feel like it is right. But if other people do, who am I to tell them that an all-loving God didn’t intend that. I am definitely still on the fence about what I believe (if you can’t tell). But, I guess it’s a personal decision between you and God. My opinion shouldn’t make or break what people believe.


Instead of researching a normal plagiarism case I decided to read about one for song writing. I never really thought that this happened. But I can see how easy it would be to do. I always have a catchy tune stuck in my head and copying it would be fairly simple. I read about a case in 1976 where George Harrison’s song “My Sweet Lord” was said to be copied from the Chiffon’s song “He’s so Fine”. Unlike “He’s so Fine”, George’s song hit the charts making it the number one song for five weeks and later in 2002 it came back and remained in number one for a week. Overall the song was very successful and was on the charts for a total of 27 weeks. Because of the similar tune they filed a lawsuit against it. It didn’t go to court for around four years, they wanted to settle it outside of court but couldn’t find common ground to agree on. The accusing side wanted $148,000.00 and 75% of royalties made on the song. They declined the offer which later lead to it going to court. When the judge heard it he quickly decided they were identical. George was fined with “subconscious plagiarism” and had to pay $587,000.00. The full amount was later paid in 1981 and the judgement was dismissed.

Even cases like this should be looked at carefully. Just like when you hear a catchy song, when you read something that sounds good it can stick in your mind. Which then makes it easy to rewrite the same idea later and take it for your own. An easy mistake that can obviously cost you a lot of time and money.


Personally, I’ve never really viewed statistics in that way. I always just see what it says and believe or accept it without looking into it. But after reading this, I will hopefully gain a different view on this. Even with the example given in the article, looking at the average income, I can see how that would freak a ton of people out. But then if you looked it at the median it’s, to me, a way more reliable statistic. The one thing that they talked about that stuck out to me was the statistic about terrorism. Saying that the new strategy can catch 99% of terrorists sounds absolutely wonderful! But then when it mentions that the 1% it gets wrong is actually around 70,000 makes the idea sound awful. If you weren’t to think about it in that way, the idea would sound great.

Looking at things in a way that normally isn’t presented to us is hard. Like the article said in the beginning, most of us won’t look at statistics differently in a few days. That is probably true. And sometimes even if you do look at it in a different view, it still may not be helpful. Because statistics only account for the people who are actually used in it. Look at this way. If someone does research on how many have been gotten lost while hunting, if a majority of people do not say if they have then the statistic isn’t very reliable. And this is because a big group of people have been counted out, and those people can either raise the statistic or lower it. Because of this, I hopefully will become more cautious to what I read and take in. Not just to second guess everything I read, but also to make me more smart and intelligent in whatever the subject is.

Family Heritage


I’ve always been curious as to who my relatives are. It fascinates me to learn how they used to live and the things they went through. A few months ago I found out that my great aunt had made a book about the Diekmann heritage. The book enticed me, I couldn’t put it down and I read it for hours. Soaking in as much as I could about my family.

The man in the picture is my great, great, great grandpa and his wife. He lived in South Dakota, and throughout the generations my grandma and uncles still live there. Thought they moved away and later came back, they live where it all started for the Diekmann’s in America. As I flipped through the pages of the book my attention couldn’t have been altered. I read about how he and his siblings would go to school everyday. Then he got older and found the perfect woman and married her, soon to have kids of his own. It then talks about his son Henry, who my brothers’ middle name is after. Henry was my grandma’s dad and my own dad has many memories of him that he shares with me.

I never got a chance to finish the whole book. I hope to soon because when I have kids of my own I want to be able to tell them stories about their family before them. Because that is where they came from and it is a part of who they are today.