The Monster Under the Bed

Everyone has certain fears in their life, like the monster under the bed or the boogie man in the closet. All of those things are imaginations we made have made up in our heads. Sometimes becoming so big that our minds become wrapped around it and we become crippled from a fear that isn’t even there. But as we grow older our minds shift from being afraid of the boogie man to being scared if we are going to make the sports team our freshmen year of high school. Then it becomes am I going to make it through college? And you fear every speech you have to give or if your essays are good enough. You change up the words to try and make you sound smarter or add some just to make the word limit. That’s what the fear of writing does. We think that our original work isn’t good enough. When Stephen King says “I am convinced fear is at the root of all bad writing” I think that is what he means. But if you look around you haven’t you already been set up to feel like your original is not enough. Like you need more. Not even in writing or school but just in your day to day life. Society makes it seem like we have to be all that. Just like fear in writing can make you feel as though you need every ten letter word in the dictionary for your essay to be great. When really all those small words was what made your essay flow and what helped get your point across. And finding that out, just like finding out there is no monster under the bed, can open up a whole new world. Suddenly you can just write essays and what you want to say is coming out on the paper because you no longer have that fear of it not fitting what everyone else thinks. You then become limitless and you could write something spectacular.

Throughout my years of high school and writing essays I never have had too much of a problem of the fear of writing. Speaking is a totally different matter. The thing that I struggle with is writing on and on and going on bunny trails. Sure I will change a word here and there to another one, but not because I feel like my first word isn’t smart enough. Just because the other word portrays what I am trying to say better. I have always loved writing and hopefully I will never gain the fear of it.


One thought on “The Monster Under the Bed

  1. I loved how you added your own analogies to King’s writing, giving imagery. It made your post more intriguing and fun to read. I totally agree with what you said about us thinking our original work isn’t good enough. It was well said.


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