Class of Religion


I have discovered the odd practice of worship in the Christian College, George Fox University. They all gather together to learn about what they call religion. Where they believe in One God who created the whole world and has a book that they are supposed to follow. It’s called the Bible. They meet up 2-3 times in what they call a week. Which consists of seven days. Here they read and discuss what the Bible tells them and how they are to live. They talk about many things in this text. Learning about what happened in the “olden days”. Like this man named Moses and how he told their leader, who they called Pharaoh, and told him to “Let his people go!” There are 66 chapters to this book, all telling stories. But the one they are in awe over most is the one about this man named Jesus. He comes down from the all high place, heaven. He comes down to die for all people of this world so that they might live with him one day. They say he took on human flesh and took on everyone’s sin. And if we believe in Him we can spend eternity up in this all high place where he lives. I have went and observed these Christians outside of class and there is something about them. They seem to have this joy inside them. It’s as if they know they have a hope for when they die. They say that at that moment they will get to see God. This God fellow doesn’t sound too bad maybe. I will do further research and report back to you soon.


3 thoughts on “Class of Religion

  1. It was neat how you stepped out of the phenomena you explained and told it as though it was completely new to you. It made your writing more intriguing and fun to read. You also had a clear audience, which made it cohesive. I love how you incorporated the gospel into your post with a positive response to your “findings” on the phenomena.


  2. The way you explained Christianity and the practice of reading the Bible was interesting. The formatting of your post was creative and it hooked the reader. The stories you used from the Bible gives a nice glimpse into Christianity and what is believed.


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