Times Have Changed

Carr’s article “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” is something I agree with. All the distractions that come with online reading make it hard to focus. It effects not only online reading but also when reading paper books. When I’m reading for this class I normally end up online shopping three or four times depending on how long the article is. This post cost me about $25. I’m really excited about my new shirt that’s going to come in the mail soon though!

Even with research and how instead of looking through a book in the library, we now skim multiple websites trying to find the best information. A paper that would take us hours now only takes us half the time because we can find the information so much faster. We are people that want to find things instantly. And that can be used for many things. Not just reading and searching on the internet. Looking through a book for information is like waiting an hour for someone to reply to your question that you text them. No one likes it!

To recap, I agree with Carr and his statement. I believe that he is right when he talks about how he used to be a scuba diver in the depths of the sea and now he is a jet flyer skimming the clouds. My old English teacher always told us to go beneath the iceberg and I always had a hard time with it. I wanted to get the overall meaning of the book and move on. I still struggle with trying to get deeper than that when reading. I also don’t see this problem suddenly turning around and people becoming really in depth with what they read. I think that we will just get further and further from that.


One thought on “Times Have Changed

  1. I think that the depth a reader dives is solely dependent on how deep they want to go. I don’t believe that a certain medium will draw me deeper than another. I have the choice to skim a paperback book and get nothing out it. I also have the choice to immerse myself in a variety of online articles and soak up all they have to offer. The result of what I get out of my experience is decided by me rather than my choice of medium.


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