Get Your Daily Laugh In


“I am very bad about time and don’t mind admitting it. Having to arrive at a certain hour doesn’t make sense to me. What does make sense is that I do the job. Any company that insists upon rigid time schedules will find me a nightmare.”

I find this one funny because everything about it screams irresponsible and no one will want to hire you. Being on time is such huge part of having a job. But at least they’re up front about it!


Background: “28 dog years of experience in sales (four human).”

They should get points for creativity I guess! But it just doesn’t sound professional. It makes me laugh how people make something that can determine if you get the job or not so unserious.


“A candidate listed her e-mail address as pornstardelight@*****.com”

Maybe this person should’ve made a new email. I would laugh out loud if I were to read this for someone who was applying to the job.


“I am anxious to use my exiting skills.”

This person must really want to leave everyday! I think it’s funny how just little mistakes like this can make such a difference in what you are trying to say.


“Candidate included a letter from his mother”

Nothing like having a letter from the person who loves you most. This kind of makes my think that this person probably still lives with their mom. Which doesn’t make them a great candidate.


2 thoughts on “Get Your Daily Laugh In

  1. These are are all funny quotes but I especially like the first one. Just like you said, nobody is going to want to hire that guy; he literally told the employer that he will be a nightmare if he is hired. I also thought the candidate who included a letter from his mom was pretty funny also. Overall I thought you did a good job finding some resume bloopers and sharing about them!


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