Family Heritage


I’ve always been curious as to who my relatives are. It fascinates me to learn how they used to live and the things they went through. A few months ago I found out that my great aunt had made a book about the Diekmann heritage. The book enticed me, I couldn’t put it down and I read it for hours. Soaking in as much as I could about my family.

The man in the picture is my great, great, great grandpa and his wife. He lived in South Dakota, and throughout the generations my grandma and uncles still live there. Thought they moved away and later came back, they live where it all started for the Diekmann’s in America. As I flipped through the pages of the book my attention couldn’t have been altered. I read about how he and his siblings would go to school everyday. Then he got older and found the perfect woman and married her, soon to have kids of his own. It then talks about his son Henry, who my brothers’ middle name is after. Henry was my grandma’s dad and my own dad has many memories of him that he shares with me.

I never got a chance to finish the whole book. I hope to soon because when I have kids of my own I want to be able to tell them stories about their family before them. Because that is where they came from and it is a part of who they are today.


2 thoughts on “Family Heritage

  1. This was quite interesting! I love how you were able to incorporate a picture into your post. It made me curious about what you had to share. Your incorporation of information from the book made me able to connect to you and understand what the book contained. I enjoyed how you concluded your post with reasoning for reading and how what you learned can go beyond just you. Well done!


  2. I like your post! I have the same experience. I always curious about the history of my family too. Fortunately, my family still keep doing a genealogy and that provides me some clues about my ancestors. It is pretty fun to read the genealogy and see how the family growing in these years. And I like you are even more luckier because you have the chance to read the stories about your great,great,great grandpa and his family.


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