Personally, I’ve never really viewed statistics in that way. I always just see what it says and believe or accept it without looking into it. But after reading this, I will hopefully gain a different view on this. Even with the example given in the article, looking at the average income, I can see how that would freak a ton of people out. But then if you looked it at the median it’s, to me, a way more reliable statistic. The one thing that they talked about that stuck out to me was the statistic about terrorism. Saying that the new strategy can catch 99% of terrorists sounds absolutely wonderful! But then when it mentions that the 1% it gets wrong is actually around 70,000 makes the idea sound awful. If you weren’t to think about it in that way, the idea would sound great.

Looking at things in a way that normally isn’t presented to us is hard. Like the article said in the beginning, most of us won’t look at statistics differently in a few days. That is probably true. And sometimes even if you do look at it in a different view, it still may not be helpful. Because statistics only account for the people who are actually used in it. Look at this way. If someone does research on how many have been gotten lost while hunting, if a majority of people do not say if they have then the statistic isn’t very reliable. And this is because a big group of people have been counted out, and those people can either raise the statistic or lower it. Because of this, I hopefully will become more cautious to what I read and take in. Not just to second guess everything I read, but also to make me more smart and intelligent in whatever the subject is.


One thought on “Statistics

  1. you said that you always viewed statistics in a way that you looked at them and just believed them for what they are without looking further into them. I agree i do this with many statistics. i think the times i do not do this is when i am actually interested or invested in the subject being talked about and that is when i would further look into them.


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