Finger Pointing and Tebowing


Reading your article about the expression of faith in sports really has opened my eyes to things I never chose to think of before. Seeing players do gestures of faith on the field or on the court always made me think that it helped everyone to, in the back of their mind at least, think of God. But bringing up the point about how to some people that can lead to hate towards God, I had never thought of that. But I do think you are somewhat wrong when you say people don’t really see those gestures and wonder what they mean or are curious about God. Now, maybe it’s just me that feels this way. But if someone were to do something foreign like that around me enough I would become curious and maybe want to know more about. Does that mean that the majority of people are like this? Maybe not, I have no way of knowing. And I also don’t think they should stop doing it. But there is another point which I agree with you. When players only do it to celebrate their victories, what does that mean about when they fail. I feel like suddenly when they fail, people see God more. Maybe with the mindset of “where is your God now?”. Which to me seems like an unfair accusation that may die down if people were to see them still show their faith through their failures. With all that being said, I thought your article was well written. Showing your stance on a topic like this can show a lot about someone and has brought me to the conclusion that maybe I should try and view things from more then way to understand what more people may feel.

Shaylee Hutchison


2 thoughts on “Finger Pointing and Tebowing

  1. I agree with your point how Dave revealed another side of the gestures of faith done by athletes. I also agree with the point you make about how not everyone will have the same reaction towards those gestures: hate. I love how you say that even when they fail, it may bring people to see more of how great God is. That even through their failures, they triumph! Great post!


  2. I like that you were well-rounded in your response and covered both topics you did and did not like. I agree with you that they shouldn’t have to stop doing the gestures. Who cares what they do? It’s their celebration and they can do it how they want. However, I have never actually seen people start talking about God because of a gesture an athlete made. That doesn’t at all mean that it doesn’t happen, but I have never witnessed it. Good post!


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