In my life right now, writing doesn’t play a very large role. Besides this blog and writing whatever homework I need to, I rarely write stuff down. I don’t keep a journal to write down my experiences or feelings. It’s just never been a big deal to me. As far as Facebook goes, I hardly use it. I find it full of adult drama and stuff I really don’t care about. Twitter and Instagram are my most frequently used social media sites. And even then it doesn’t show as a timeline or journal. But that is just in the now. When I am older I can see myself writing in a journal like my grandma does. She has always encouraged me to keep one, but I can’t ever seem to keep up with it. You could compare it to working out, at first you do really good and are persistent but then after a week or two you miss a few days. Then before you know it you haven’t gone to the gym in months. Maybe when I’m older, and hopefully just as hip, I’ll be able to keep a journal for me to look back on. Because I do think it would be cool to read back on my struggles and achievements, to see what made me upset and what made me full of joy. But besides keeping a journal I don’t see myself writing in any other way. I don’t find it useful or as something that should be a necessity. For people who it does seem like a necessity, I think that’s really cool. But for me, I’m simply not big on writing and that’s why I think it won’t be a very big deal for me as I grow.


2 thoughts on “Writing

  1. I know exactly what you mean about it being like working out. I was given a journal about 6 years ago for Christmas and I wrote in it for about a month pretty religiously and then it started getting less and less frequent. Now it’s like I will write it in maybe a few times a year or for a month at a time and then take a long break. It is fun to look back and reread what you wrote. Sometimes it can be entertaining or even sad depending on what you end up writing about.


  2. I agree! Writing does not play a very important role in my life now. I have a lot of friends who will keep writing journals. However, I don’t really feel like I need one. But yea, it is cool to have one and recap memories.


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