The End Is Near

Throughout this term I have become a better writer with the help of this class and the blogs and essays I have had to write. Although I still struggle with some things like the use of commas and making my sentences too long. But I will got those down with time. Overall, I feel like this course has helped me improve. The essays helped me improve the most. Having it a requirement to go to the ARC for each essay has probably helped me the most. It also gave me more confidence in my work to have someone go over it. My favorite essay I did was the Literacy Autobiography, I wrote about my high school English teacher. Mrs. Krause is someone who I want to be like one day when I am a teacher. She is a teacher I truly miss. The essay I struggled most with was definitely the Research Essay. I had a hard time finding enough information to make the word limit. I also had a hard time getting into the topic, I felt like I had few to chose from. Besides that I didn’t struggle too much with the writing. I really enjoyed this class overall, besides the fact I had to wake up early. I am going to miss writing on this blog. I greatly enjoyed keeping one even though I had to write about certain things.


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