Get Your Daily Laugh In


“I am very bad about time and don’t mind admitting it. Having to arrive at a certain hour doesn’t make sense to me. What does make sense is that I do the job. Any company that insists upon rigid time schedules will find me a nightmare.”

I find this one funny because everything about it screams irresponsible and no one will want to hire you. Being on time is such huge part of having a job. But at least they’re up front about it!


Background: “28 dog years of experience in sales (four human).”

They should get points for creativity I guess! But it just doesn’t sound professional. It makes me laugh how people make something that can determine if you get the job or not so unserious.


“A candidate listed her e-mail address as pornstardelight@*****.com”

Maybe this person should’ve made a new email. I would laugh out loud if I were to read this for someone who was applying to the job.


“I am anxious to use my exiting skills.”

This person must really want to leave everyday! I think it’s funny how just little mistakes like this can make such a difference in what you are trying to say.


“Candidate included a letter from his mother”

Nothing like having a letter from the person who loves you most. This kind of makes my think that this person probably still lives with their mom. Which doesn’t make them a great candidate.


Times Have Changed

Carr’s article “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” is something I agree with. All the distractions that come with online reading make it hard to focus. It effects not only online reading but also when reading paper books. When I’m reading for this class I normally end up online shopping three or four times depending on how long the article is. This post cost me about $25. I’m really excited about my new shirt that’s going to come in the mail soon though!

Even with research and how instead of looking through a book in the library, we now skim multiple websites trying to find the best information. A paper that would take us hours now only takes us half the time because we can find the information so much faster. We are people that want to find things instantly. And that can be used for many things. Not just reading and searching on the internet. Looking through a book for information is like waiting an hour for someone to reply to your question that you text them. No one likes it!

To recap, I agree with Carr and his statement. I believe that he is right when he talks about how he used to be a scuba diver in the depths of the sea and now he is a jet flyer skimming the clouds. My old English teacher always told us to go beneath the iceberg and I always had a hard time with it. I wanted to get the overall meaning of the book and move on. I still struggle with trying to get deeper than that when reading. I also don’t see this problem suddenly turning around and people becoming really in depth with what they read. I think that we will just get further and further from that.

Class of Religion


I have discovered the odd practice of worship in the Christian College, George Fox University. They all gather together to learn about what they call religion. Where they believe in One God who created the whole world and has a book that they are supposed to follow. It’s called the Bible. They meet up 2-3 times in what they call a week. Which consists of seven days. Here they read and discuss what the Bible tells them and how they are to live. They talk about many things in this text. Learning about what happened in the “olden days”. Like this man named Moses and how he told their leader, who they called Pharaoh, and told him to “Let his people go!” There are 66 chapters to this book, all telling stories. But the one they are in awe over most is the one about this man named Jesus. He comes down from the all high place, heaven. He comes down to die for all people of this world so that they might live with him one day. They say he took on human flesh and took on everyone’s sin. And if we believe in Him we can spend eternity up in this all high place where he lives. I have went and observed these Christians outside of class and there is something about them. They seem to have this joy inside them. It’s as if they know they have a hope for when they die. They say that at that moment they will get to see God. This God fellow doesn’t sound too bad maybe. I will do further research and report back to you soon.

A Hope for the Future

Growing up Junior always was around people who had no future and no hope. For a while he himself thought he had no hope. He felt like he wasn’t going to go anywhere in life. He looked at his parents and saw how his dad was a drunk and they were poor. There was no one around him that made him feel like he would have a future.

Then one day someone came to him and told him differently. Mr. P was his teacher, an old fellow. He saw something in Junior that every other kid had lost, a spark to become better. He told him that he thought he should change schools and go to Reardan where he will have a better chance of becoming someone someday. And Junior did. During his first few days you could tell he wasn’t sure if he wanted to be there. He thought about going back to Wellpinit and just living the life everyone else in the rez did. But then you see this hope inside of him; he makes it on the basketball team. He gets to hang out with the prettiest girl, Penelope. People from school start to care about him. You can his confidence go up.

When he plays his best friend Rowdy in basketball and he steals the ball from when he was about to dunk, he has this determination. He must score and he must keep Rowdy from scoring, he must prove himself. His drive to become successful gets stronger. And you can see this progression throughout the book. He starts out being a normal kid at the rez with not much hope for his future. Then he changes that by actually doing something about it and switching schools and working hard on his studies. He becomes the basketball teams secret weapon and keeps on improving. And that’s one of the many themes I saw. In how he went from having a hopeless future to just having a future. And it all started with one choice.


I am choosing to write about “The Library Card”. I thought it was a very well written autobiography. It completely captured me. I kept reading faster and I couldn’t wait to see what happened next. What book he would read next and how he would learn from it, how it would affect him. Even though I am not a big reader I know what it can be like being caught up in a book. You stay up late just to see what happens next. You become the main character. You fall in love with prince charming. The book almost becomes your own separate world. Richard’s short autobiography was like a book in that; I couldn’t wait to see what happened next. I couldn’t look away from my computer screen, it captivated me. Although I didn’t truly care for the end, what happened to him? Did he go up North? Did he follow in his father’s footsteps? We never find out. I do wish there was a clearer ending, one that was more satisfying.

 With that said, I think Richard did an amazing job of capturing, at least my, attention. With my literacy autobiography I hope to do the same. I want people to not be able to put down the paper because they want to see what happens to me next. Although, I do think one not about literacy would be more exciting this will have to do for now. Hopefully I can describe my feelings on paper to the point where the reader can feel them too. I want the reader to take a walk in my shoes. For them to feel my struggles, my highs and my lows, my love for something, and my deep hatred for other things. That’s what I hope to accomplish.

The Monster Under the Bed

Everyone has certain fears in their life, like the monster under the bed or the boogie man in the closet. All of those things are imaginations we made have made up in our heads. Sometimes becoming so big that our minds become wrapped around it and we become crippled from a fear that isn’t even there. But as we grow older our minds shift from being afraid of the boogie man to being scared if we are going to make the sports team our freshmen year of high school. Then it becomes am I going to make it through college? And you fear every speech you have to give or if your essays are good enough. You change up the words to try and make you sound smarter or add some just to make the word limit. That’s what the fear of writing does. We think that our original work isn’t good enough. When Stephen King says “I am convinced fear is at the root of all bad writing” I think that is what he means. But if you look around you haven’t you already been set up to feel like your original is not enough. Like you need more. Not even in writing or school but just in your day to day life. Society makes it seem like we have to be all that. Just like fear in writing can make you feel as though you need every ten letter word in the dictionary for your essay to be great. When really all those small words was what made your essay flow and what helped get your point across. And finding that out, just like finding out there is no monster under the bed, can open up a whole new world. Suddenly you can just write essays and what you want to say is coming out on the paper because you no longer have that fear of it not fitting what everyone else thinks. You then become limitless and you could write something spectacular.

Throughout my years of high school and writing essays I never have had too much of a problem of the fear of writing. Speaking is a totally different matter. The thing that I struggle with is writing on and on and going on bunny trails. Sure I will change a word here and there to another one, but not because I feel like my first word isn’t smart enough. Just because the other word portrays what I am trying to say better. I have always loved writing and hopefully I will never gain the fear of it.